Sunday, 11 December 2016

Veiled Bigotry in Germany -

LETTER to: International New York Times:

In Veiled Bigotry in Germany (NYT Editorial, December 9), you say: 
But the truth is that the bans [on face veils] are first and foremost a direct expression of antipathy toward Muslim immigrants, usually meant to appease far-right xenophobes.
The "truth is",  just because you say it is? 
Sorry, but polls show majorities in Europe and the U.K. support bans on face veils. Are these majorities now to be smeared as "far-right xenophobes"?
I'm a leftie myself (Remainer, supported Obama/Hillary), surely not a "far-right xenophobe", and still I support the bans. 
No other group of people can wear face masks in courtrooms, in schools or in banks. Why should Muslims be exempt?  This is a case of applying the law equally, not of discrimination. 
It's also a mistake to accept, as you do, the protestations of "Islamic leaders", who claim 
....that the bans lead women to feeling excluded from society, and thus facilitate radicalization. 
[Oh, how those Islamic leaders know how to push your buttons!  ... facilitate radicalization!]
But think about it. How much more excluded can one be than to wear a mask or the full body bag in public?  And that leads to "radicalization"?  Get real. And read something about the radicalization process. Read the Koran for starters. 
Later in your Leader you say the veil "poses no threat". Again, sorry but it does. There are numerous cases of crimes committed by veiled individuals, often men dressed in women's burkas, face veils 'n all. 
It is supercilious, condescending, holier-than-thou attitudes such as yours that enabled the stampede to Brexit and vote Trump, even by good lefties. 
Again, Get real. 
Shame on you. 

Peter F.