Thursday, 2 March 2017

McCain and Graham

Watching a live Town Hall meeting with John McCain and Lindsay Graham on CNN.
These two men, these senators and foreign policy / military policy experts, are fine and honorable men. They know whereof they speak.
Trump should listen to them on all matters
from ISIS and Palestine/Israel to red lines for North Korea. On the latter the red line is them developing an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.
Graham knows the regime. He jokes that it lost him when they claimed Great Leader Kim Il-sung had shot a round of golf of 38.
China should be told to tell Kim Jong-un that if he develops the nuke-able ICBM that can reach the US, then there will be consequences. Not just for North Korea but also for China.
These are sound, thoughtful, capable guys.
John calls Lindsay "entertaining and capable". True! He's got a real sense of humor.
Lindsay says John is "loyal to his friends and loyal to his country. He would die for his country." True again!  In fact he nearly did die for his country in Vietnam. John tears up....
A lovely finish. I'm really with these guys.