Monday, 3 April 2017

ISIS: Behind the Mask - From altar boy to ISIS fighter

CNN shows how shockingly unprepared Europe still is to confront and roll back its domestic terror threat. And how naive. The main man in the doco is Younnis, a convert to Islam from Catholicism, who goes to Syria to serve with ISIS. He then returns to Belgium (why let him back?), collects his welfare, is eventually charged with terrorism related offenses after the attacks in Brussels, but is let off with a suspended sentence. He laughs when the police can't find him after the next Muslim atrocity.
In any case if he'd gone to jail he'd just be a part of the "prison dawah" -- radicalising other prisoners.
They won't let him go back to Syria. Why not? And close the door behind him.
It's all pretty depressing. The horror of people so certain of their faith. A faith they want to impose on all we infidels.

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