Tuesday, 2 May 2017

7 Steps to Defeating Islamism – Areo Magazine

This pretty much sums it up. It's a dire situation. And nowhere near to being a situation of "the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful". In actions, maybe. But not in thought. Muslims in the west, by large minorities or pluralities favour sharia law, not engaging with their compatriots, punishing minorities and gays, oppressing women, ...on and dreary on...

The steady flow of jihadist terrorist attacks striking European cities highlight the monumental failure of liberal democracies in opposing the great totalitarian menace of our time: Islamism. Yet, the deadly terrorist attacks are only the bloody tip of the iceberg. Documentaries in SwedenDenmarkBritain and Germany have exposed that mosques across Europe preach fundamentalist interpretations of Islam stressing the religious obligation to separate from non-Muslims, reject democracy and secular values in favor of religious laws including the death penalty for apostasy and infidelity, and sometimes even the obligation to wage jihad. A 2013 survey of Muslims of Moroccan and Turkish origin in six European countries showed that more than 40% had "fundamentalist" views and some 65% found "religious rules more important than secular laws."

The survey also found that a majority of those surveyed had ill-feelings towards homosexuals and thought that the West was out to "destroy Islam." A large minority thought "Jews cannot be trusted." In other words there is a sizable value-gap between a significant minority of European Muslims and the rest of the population that goes to the core of the most fundamental social and political principles of democratic society. While only a tiny minority of those who favor religious strict laws are likely to become militant, the spread of Islamist ideas severely threatens the social cohesion of liberal democracies, whose social fabric is much more dependent on the acceptance of basic cultural norms and practices than liberals have thought.

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