Thursday, 1 June 2017

Post-Manchester, Pope Francis Asserts Equivalence Of Islam, Christianity

The pope is a borderline Marxist: capitalism is the "economy that excludes".
He is also a moral relativist. A post-modern excuser of Islamic violence. We all commit violence, you see.
Not mentioned in this article in The Federalist the time on the pope-oplane just after the Charlie Hebdo massacre when he seemed to excuse the Islamic massacre. He said "if you attack my mother, I will hit you back".  He said "we must not make fun of, or disrespect, any religion"  That's a scandalous, disgusting thing to say when twelve cartoonists have been murdered simply for drawing.
Talking about the Manchester mass murderer:If ever there were a time to call down judgment on acolytes of annihilation, this is it. Refusal to name the motive for slaughter comes unnervingly close to the old legal maxim: Silence equals assent. Certainly, Francis does not sanction the violence. Not at all. What he assents to is the multicultural dogma of religious equivalency—the Same God myth—and the lethal fairytale that Islam is not inherently violent.