Global Gender Gap Report 2016 — Islamic countries sweep the pool

One thing jumps out — to me, anyway — from the latest report of the World Economic Forum on gender equality:
Each and every one of the bottom twenty countries in the rankings, that is the countries with the worst record for gender *IN*equality in the world — each and every one is an Islam-dominated country. Each one is a member of the Organisation of the Islamic Congress.  To restate: 100% of the bottom 20 countries are Islamic controlled.

Correlation is not (necessarily) causation. We know that.
But it is causation in this case: because the dominant ideology of Islam is at core misogynist. The reason these countries have no gender equality is because their prophet Muhammad told them women are stupid, silly and worth only one half of a man. Look at hell, he said, and you'll find it filled with women.  See my tag: what Islamic law (Sharia) and the Koran teach about women, here.
That's why these countries are at the bottom of a gender equality index.
Yet women like Linda Sarsour praise Islam. Women who are made to wear hoods.
That's the woman in the Left in the New Yorker cover above.

If we go to the bottom 50 countries, 82% are Islam dominated. The rest are large majority Catholic, and catholicism is hardly known for its beneficent view of women.
That's the woman on the right in the photo above.

The countries with the best records of gender equality are atheist countries.
That's the woman in the middle in the photo above.
But western feminists bow to the one on the left.

Which do you like? Me, I go for the babe in the middle. The one empowered by having no belief in a supernatural being. The one not under the foot of male misogynists, enthralled by their revered prophet.

Despite the clear link between Islam and lack of women's rights, note that in the details of each country in the WEF report, many factors are considered as to what affects gender equality.  Signally missing is, you guessed it, religion!  The single biggest reason for women's poor level of gender equality in the bottom 50 nations, is not even mentioned, let alone discussed.

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