Wednesday 29 September 2010

"Even Sweden" doesn't want to commit cultural suicide

This sort of football fan, or....

Letter to the International Herald Tribune (the New York Times overseas):
Your editorial (“Even Sweden”, IHT, 29 September) puts all the onus of integration of Muslim immigrants to Sweden on the Swedish state and none on the new arrivals to learn the language and get a job.  You excoriate the so-called racism and xenophobia of those who wish to control that immigration seemingly with no understanding of its pressures and challenges.  The Swedish Minister of Integration, Nyamko Sabuni – a Muslim who came to Sweden when she was 12 –  insists  that "it is crucial that immigrants get in contact with the labour market as soon as possible after receiving their residence permit. This has to be combined with language courses."  Is Sabuni an Islamophobe?
Those who wish to preserve the very real advantages of western enlightenment culture are not racist or xenophobes.  Islam is not a race.  It is, however, by the clear, consistent and repeated statements of many – perhaps a majority – of its adherents, a belief system that seeks to establish Sharia law throughout the world.  In the UK between 40% and 50% of Muslims would like to see Sharia as the law of the land, a figure that rises to 75% in Muslim majority countries.  Moreover, the trend is for the younger, second-generation Muslims to favour Sharia in greater numbers than their parents and to seek to distance themselves from the surrounding society which they often abhor.  Why should the Muslims in Sweden be any different and why do you not call on them for greater efforts?
As it is, with Muslim immigration to Sweden running at over 12% growth per year, Sweden is on track to becoming the first Muslim majority country in Europe within 20 years. What then?  Sharia like other Muslim countries of Iran and Saudi Arabia?  Resisting this trend is urgent and necessary, not a nativist xenophobia.  It is simply a wish not to commit cultural and political suicide through political correctness.  If the mainstream parties take your advice to “stand firm” against the “anti-immigrant” sentiment (ie to ignore it), there will only be more leakage of votes to the parties of the right.
.... or this sort of football fan?....