Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Google alerts -- Islam (ii)

This one I classify as "N", for neutral. It argues for the likelyhood of reform of Islam.  I'm doubtful that it can be reformed, given that the basic text, the Koran, is the inviolate, uncreated, word of God, the amendment of which is seen as blasphemy in mainstream Islam.  And in some parts of the Islamic world -- Pakistan, for example -- blasphemy is punishable by death.  It would surely be good for the world and for the majority of Muslims too, no doubt, if it could indeed reform; but....
Clip from article:
"My prediction is this: By the year 2020, rough and painful human experience will lead the Islamic nations of the Mediterranean Basin to resound with positive cries for democracy, human rights, individual liberty, and the dignity of every man, woman, and child. By 2020, Islamic peoples will be crying out publicly in favor of regimes that allow men and women to act from reflection and choice, and to live as peoples who are free and responsible, and who are eager to show initiative and unprecedented creativity...."
Read more here, Michael Novak in Public Discourse.