Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"Studying Islam has made me an atheist"

Atheists go on the rampage; along with Baptist bombers, Buddhist beheaders,
Mormon mass murderers... (Cartoon thanks to Loon Pond)
I became an atheist in my youth, it didn't need the kicker of reading about Islam.  For me, reading about Islam just made me realise what a wretched ideology it is, unique amongst religions in its aggression, hate for infidels and for preacing warfare against the unbeliever.
For Douglas Murray, though, it led him to cast aside the belief in any god.
"Studying Islam has made me an atheist":  This is an old-ish piece in the UK Spectator, always a good read, as is Murray.  YouTube him to see him in some hot debating action with various dhimmies...
It's well worth printing out and reading at leisure.
Read it here.