Monday, 23 January 2012

The Bell tolls, it tolls for thee.. and thee heed not...

I wrote about the wowie-zowie moment here, about Eric Bell's article on Islam.
It seems it's too much for the good readers of the Daily Kos, as reported here.  Apparently Eric Bell has been banned from the site.  So much for free speech.  He did nothing but set out clear and unequivocal facts about Islam and the apologist site, of which I've had personal experience of their censorship, here.
What's interesting about the comments is this: on the Kos site, the comments are all ad hominem.  That is: Bell is a bigot, a racist, an Islamophobe.  And moral equivalence: the Bible is as bad as the Koran; Christianity (and Hinduism!...) is as bad as Islam.  In short, not a single one that I read actually took to task any of the points raised by Bell.
On the JW site, by contrast the comments are along the lines of: the Kos commenters haven't read the core documents of Islam (as it seems clear they have not) and are seemingly incapable of facing facts (which it seems clear they are not). And they quote facts about Islam.
In short, Kos readers: ad hominem. JW readers: factual statements.
I do wonder why?  What is it about these people that they deny the nose in front of their face?  How can we have such massive cognitive dissonance?
[The cognitive dissonance: holding "progressive" views, such as belief in universal human rights, the rights of minorities, of women, freedom of speech and of conscience,  tolerance of others, and all that, on the one hand.  And on the other hand, spruiking for Islam, which stands in opposition to all these worthy goals, and is -- surely there can be no doubt about this -- the single most intolerant religious ideology on the planet].