Tuesday 11 September 2012

"Bomb? or The Bomb?": should Iran be allowed to get the Bomb, or be bombed?

Drawing: Nicholas Blechman in the NYT
The Right beats the drum for a strike on Iran before it gets a nuclear bomb; and is lambasted by the Left for warmongering. The Left calls for more diplomacy; and is excoriated by the Right for being "appeasers".
But the issue is rather more complex than that.  As Bill Keller argues in his thoughtful "Nuclear Mullas", there may be a third option: "none of the above".
And on the same day, James Carroll -- who in other articles I've found to be rather an Islamapologist -- makes an interesting point in "Obama's wily strategy on Iran": that Obama's strategy on Iran may be a kind of tactical ambiguity, to buy time and possible peace.  One can certainly argue this point, but it's not without its attraction.