Monday, 17 September 2012

Ghosh and Logan on Charlie Rose

Bobby Ghosh on Charlie Rose
Lara Logan

I thought this interview on Charlie Rose was quite good, considering [it's the very liberal Charlie Rose].... Bobby Ghosh, editor-at-large of Time Magazine and Lara Logan of "60 Minutes".
Ghosh says the riots in the Middle East were not about the video, but were "anger stored up", not spontaneous responses to a video, but "provoked outrage", provoked by the likes of Al Qaeda and Ansar al Sharia.  Logan talked of the mosques doing the provoking; that the riots are part of jihad, not simply reactions to a dopey video; in Afghanistan of the Taliban being the same as Al Qaeda, the same ideology, tactics and aims. Of the Taliban and Al Qaeda being as strong as ever (cf US military views that progress continues; shades of Vietnam disinformation).  These views are pretty much grist for the mill on counter jihad sites, but straight and true talk like this is a bit rarer in the mainstream media.
Mind you, Ghosh does get a touch "moral-equivalence-y" in his article "The Agents of Outrage"...