Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Don't tweak the dragon's tail

Old mate, SCMP columnist Frank Ching says Beijing must not let paranoia undermine its promise of a high degree of autonomy and universal suffrage to Hong Kong, and also that we should not unduly provoke.  I agree with that assessment, though it might seem pusillanimous to some.  For we have freedom, even if we don't have universal suffrage.
There are signs that the central government is increasingly anxious about developments in Hong Kong...[while]
...What did the Occupy Central leader think it would achieve by meeting Shih 

[the former chairman of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan]? It's simply not worth getting Beijing riled and suspicious.
"Beijing must avoid paranoia...." ($).[PDF]

Meantime, Graeme Maxton says, also today's SCMP,  "In Hong Kong, there's still freedom in the air" ($). [PDF]
Hong Kong certainly has some big issues to fix. To me, though, air pollution, inequality and poverty should be at the top of everyone's agenda, not press freedom.
Agree with that.  At least for now, press freedom is in fine fettle.