Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Our "ally", Saudi Arabia, honours the repellent Zakir Naik

The oleaginous Zakir Naik has been award a top prize for "services to Islam", by the equally repellent Saudi regime.
I'm a bit of a demon for punishment about this stuff, so over the years I have watched a number of YouTube videos of Naik preaching.  He's quick, smart, charming even (in his oily way), and certainly knows his Koran, which he quotes with facility.
He's also in favour of:

  • Killing homosexuals, 
  • Killing apostates from Islam, 
  • Waging terrorist against non-Muslims, 
  • Not allowing churches in Muslim countries, 
  • Having sex with slaves.  
  • He's also a 9-11 Truther, though that's maybe the least of his repellent views.

And yet, our so-called "ally", Saudi Arabia, seems fit to award their top prize to him.  For "services to Islam", no less.
And that's after they decided to imprison and publicly whip a critic itself, just days after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
These two repellent characters, Naik and Saudi, deserve each other.  But do we deserve them?
Why, one would think that the Saudi regime held the US, the west, in contempt!