Saturday, 14 March 2015

Theocracy with a Human Face : Sam Harris

Asim Qureshi, the not-so-stealthy jihadist, has been all over the media recently. Here's the conclusion of Sam Harris' comments, with the vid with the oleaginous Qureshi:
In Greenwald's world, any worry that groups like CAGE and CAIR are covertly advancing a deeply illiberal Islamist agenda is just more anti-Muslim bigotry. In the real world, this is a perfectly reasonable concern supported by facts.
Look again at the dissembling of Qureshi. Listen to all his seemingly sane and balanced talk about the "disenfranchisement" and "unnecessary targeting" of young Muslim men, about "cycles of violence," and about jihad's being nothing more than the universal principle of "self-defense." And then realize that this voice of moderation believes that in a properly constituted caliphate, gays, apostates, blasphemers, and adulterers will be stoned to death, Jews and Christians will be forced to pay a protection tax, and all other non-Muslims will live as slaves.
This is theocracy with a human face. Where are the real liberals who will oppose it?