Watch mosques, Islamic schools for radicalization, expert tells key committee

The wonderful and brave Aayan Hirsi Ali again.  This time warning about extremism in mosques and Islamic Centres.
She's right about this.  At least five studies of mosques, including one done by a moderate Muslim Sheikh, have shown that extremist views are preached and extremist literature handed out at many US mosques.  It would be no different in Canada, or my own country of Australia, for that matter.
The violent doctrine of extreme Islam is spreading in Canada through the foundation of mosques, Islamic centres and Islamic schools by wealthy Gulf state investors with radical goals, a controversial U.S. commentator is warning.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former devout follower of the Muslim Brotherhood, best-selling author, ex-politician and now a fellow at Harvard University’s JFK School of Government, was the final witness recently at the national security and defence committee, which is preparing a report on threats to national security.
“You should be looking out for the sprouting of mosques and Islamic centres. You should be looking out for the establishment of Islamic schools and anything that costs money,” she said via a video link from Boston. “Countries like Saudi Arabia and the oil-wealthy Gulf countries that have absolutely everything that money can buy, yet many of them choose, for their philanthropy, radical Islamic goals, institutions, activities, jihad.
“For the outside, for the non-Muslim, especially in the West where we believe in the freedom of religion and the freedom of conscience, when people come here and establish a network of schools, Islamic centres, mosques, it all falls within our freedoms and our laws but we rarely take an interest in the content of what is being preached and what’s being disseminated.”
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