How did it come to this?

This morning I hear on Australia TV here in Hong Kong, that Australia has committed to take 15,000 Syrian refugees. That's 0.75% of our population.
Meantime Britain has committed to taking just 10,000. That's 0.015% of their population.
Australia has had next to nothing to do with this particular crisis.
Britain has had a lot to do with it -- the Parliamentary refusal to intervene early on (led by Corbynites) being a proximate cause of the current swarm out of Syria.
How does it figure that a far away country with little responsibility for the problem should commit to a burden of FIFTY times greater than a nearby nation with direct responsibility for the problem?
Of course it makes many Australians feel good and pious.
But leaving the problem for later generations.
I predict problems for Australian society directly out of this within 20 years.
I hope I live long enough to be proved wrong.

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