The Cycle of Violence in Israel -

The New York Times, in its editorial on 17 October, makes the astonishing claim that "all Palestinians" acknowledge Israel's right to exist.
This is a patent falsehood. Hamas, for just one, seeks not only the obliteration of Israel, but also the genocidal hunting down and killing of Jews wherever they are.
Building on this falsehood, the Times goes on to call for the independent Palestinian state alongside Israel. But how can this happen when the handing over of Gaza to Palestinians led only to more attacks on Israel. Israel would have to be wildly, blindly suicidal to hand over the West Bank without rather more copper-bottomed guarantees than have ever been given by Palestinians, that the WB would not be a larger base to pincer-kill Israel.
Palestinians have had many chances to accept peace and coexistence with Israel since 1948 but have blown every one.
Here's the offending (to me) quote from the Times:
"... breaking these cycles of violence will require more than self-defense. It will require creating an independent Palestinian state alongside an Israel whose right to exist is fully acknowledged by all Palestinians."

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