Opinion | Can the German Left Save Itself? - The New York Times

 ....the far-right party Alternative for Germany, widely known by its German initials as AfD, has managed to combine its fierce anti-immigrant stance with a new rhetorical and policy focus on social welfare — calling for higher wages, safer pensions and extended unemployment benefits. These are the kinds of issues that should be offered by the left, untainted by the AfD's putrid nationalism. (Snip from article linked here).
In what sense is the AfD "far right". Its policies are classically of the Left. As the author himself points out.
The only way the AfD differs from the Left is to raise concerns about unchecked immigration to Germany by young men (70% of whom are not refugees, but economic migrants jumping the queue) from countries with cultural practices totally inimical to the values of the Left. A bitter irony.
Because of this one area differing from the Left the views of AfD are called "putrid nationalism".
Oh the Blindness. Oh the Hypocrisy.

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