Tuesday 27 December 2011

Islamapologist sites are pusillanimous pissants

Any time you want to comment on Islam apologist sites (eg, Loonwatch, Islamophobiawatch, Politicusa), they want to "moderate" your comment before it's posted: then, often as not, they don't publish it. That's if it's critical of Islam, even if it's soberly, calmly and factually so.  By contrast, sites like Jihadwatch, RaymondIbrahim, Blazing Cat Fur and DanielPipes all allow comments to be posted straight away, without moderation (they reserve the right to remove posts that are offensive, racist, etc).  They let the hurly burly of free speech take care of any idiocy that may pop up; the readers do it.
This suggests to me that the Islamapologist sites can't face the facts.
Just recently, I made two posts to Politicusa, and neither one was published.
One post was in response to an absurd Chomskyan assertion in the comments section that the US military are the "American Taliban", and they had caused 9/11.
His statement, in part:
Corey Mondello on December 20, 2011 at 5:16 pm: "... Fundamentalists from ANY religion are terrorists, and the conservative Christians here in the USA who have infiltrated the US Military and the US Congress, are America’s terrorist, the ‘American Taliban’. They are the reason why 9/11 happened…it wasnt “our freedoms”..."
My response:
You should read “The Al Qaeda Reader”, in which Osama bin Laden and other Qaeda leaders write about why they attack the West — and it’s nothing to do with the nonsense of the “American Taliban” or any other such post-modern relativist slush.
It has to do with the fact that the west are unbelievers. This is stated clearly and repeatedly in their writings.
Infidels have three choices: (1) convert to Islam;(2) pay the jizya tax (the tax on non-Muslims); or (3) be killed. OBL had “invited” the US to Islam several times, which it had ignored, and since it was not paying the Jizya, they had to attack and kill.
It’s all there in his own words.

And my comment on the main article:
From main article:“Muslims in this country by and large seem content with the set-up. I am never accosted at my door, in my yard, or in Wal-Mart parking lots by Islamic missionaries wanting to hand me literature or witness for Mohammed.”
My comment:
The Muslim Brotherhood in the US operates through many fronts and have said that their aim is to overthrow the Constitution and replace it with the Koran. The head of the Council of American Islamic Relations has said the same. There is push for courts in the US to instal Sharia law. Many Muslims have tried, and in some cases succeeded, in killing fellow Americans in the name of Islam. At least five studies — including one by a Muslim Sheikh — have shown that 80% of mosques in the US promote and sell publications of violent jihad against infidels.
Saying Christian fundamentalists are the greatest danger is a complete nonsense (I’m atheist, btw) and counter-factual.
The fact that you meet nice friendly Muslims at the local Wal-Mart is irrelevant — “analysis” by anecdote. The real concern are the opinion makers such as Hamas-linked CAIR and the various MB fronts (ISNA, MSC, etc). These are profoundly anti-American, better organized and greater in number than the Christian Fundamentalists.