Saturday, 24 December 2011

Regulate Marihuana Like Wine

Just in from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:

Five Law Enforcement Against Prohibition speakers have been busy this past year launching a new California initiative,REGULATE MARIJUANA LIKE WINE (RMLW). I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about RMLW and ask you for your support on this initiative.

LEAP speaker Judge Jim Gray (Orange County Superior Court ret.) and LEAP Executive Board member Deputy Chief Stephen Downing (LAPD ret.) played a major role in writing the initiative. LEAP speakers Lieutenant Diane Goldstein (Redondo Beach P.D. Ret.),Deputy Nate Bradley (former deputy sheriff, Sutter County) and Officer Kyle Kazan(former police officer, Torrance P.D.) joined Judge Gray and Deputy Chief Downing as part of RMLW's executive board to put their professional skills to work on the complex - - and expensive - - process of signature gathering, volunteer coordination,  campaign appearances and fund raising.

LEAP's Board of Directors viewed RMLW as a great step forward because the initiative will repeal prohibition of marijuana for adults and regulate and control its growth, processing, packaging, distribution and sales just like the wine industry in California, in addition to allowing hemp agriculture and products. An added benefit, as reported by California's independent Legislative Analyst, is that RMLW will save California's justice and prison systems tens of millions and provide tax revenues in the hundreds of millions.

The LEAP Board of Directors has fully endorsed the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative and has encouraged participation by LEAP's speakers to help get RMLW on the November 2012 ballot in California. Today we are calling on all of you, as LEAP supporters, to help our partners at RMLW in California. They need your help to get the job done. If you live in California, GET INVOLVED. Volunteer to gather signatures, take speaking engagements and DONATE, $5, $10, $15, $25 or more if  you can afford it. If you don't live in California, please DONATE as much as you can as quickly as possible.

The campaign urgently needs money for more petitions, press announcements, validation of signatures already collected and hard costs to cover volunteer expenses. They also urgently need to end this quarter with as much money in donations as possible, since the media will look at their Form 460 report in January to decide whether this important initiative is serious or not. Please make a generous donation today, so we can celebrate the end of marijuana prohibition in California a year from now and continue the leadership for all states that has consistently come from California.

Thank you,