Friday, 16 January 2015

An Islamic Reformer, Lashed -

Nicholas Kristof makes some decent points , particularly the hypocrisy of allies who are really "allies", as in Not. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia support the terrorists while we and they pretend we're on the same side.
But why does Kristof have to make the following bogus piece of moral relativism? IRA terrorism is historical, geographically limited and was in any case denounced by many at the time. Ditto the "genocide by Christian Serbs"... Islamic terror meantime is today and world-wide. Moreover on a vastly greater scale than either the IRA or the Serbs.
Hmm. When Bill O'Reilly apologizes for I.R.A. bombings and the genocide by Christian Serbs, then Muslims will no doubt apologize for Paris.
They would "no doubt apologise? In your dreams, Nicholas!

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