Saturday, 24 January 2015

"Satire is dead and cartoonists killed it"

"Satire doesn't provoke people to kill.....
... but it can't stop killers either."
In which J.J. McCullough makes the valid point that the pen isn't mightier than the sword: "if the pen was truly mightier than the sword one imagines that we cartoonists would have done a lot more to quell the terrorism threat over the last decade".
And calls out the vastly more politically correct American cartooning community for not getting Charlie Hedbo.
And calls out those oh-so-many cartoons which were just so glibly obvious:
"... comics of broken pencils crying blood or fountain pens stabbing terrorists, or heaving things labelled 'Freedom of Speech" squishing ISIS or whatever".
Indeed. Like folk proudly holding "I am Charlie" signs. About as effective as those "#Bringbackourgirls" hashtag after Boko Haram kidnapped 300 girls in Nigeria.
Like, a hashtag is going to influence them?