Monday, 5 January 2015

From tragedy comes hope for Sydney's Muslim community

More apologia and victimhood from the Australian Muslim community.
The comments are interesting.
For the most part they don't buy Samier Dandan's call for government to come to the rescue -- against Muslim "unemployment, marginalisation, Islamophobia, mental health" and the rest of his dreary special interest pleadings. Other immigrant groups have faced the same issues and got over them... Why not the Muslim community?
Dandan purports to represent the Lebanese Muslim community in Australia. Which reminds me of a report I once read of unemployment amongst the Australian Lebanese community. For Lebanese Christians it's the same as for Australia as a whole, around 6%. For Lebanese Muslims it's more than three times as high, at about 20%. This is a kind of "natural experiment": people of the same ethnicity, and from the same country. The only difference is religion.
It should be up to the Australian Muslim community to address its alleged problems, rather than special pleading to government to come to their aid, especially with money.
Then again, if the government buys the special pleadings, why not try it on, if you're an Aussie Muslim. More fools they, the government.
Read the article, note the victimhood, clock the comments...
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