Germans are shocked!

They're shocked at the mass groping, fingering, stealing, raping even, of over 150 young German women, on New Years Eve, by mobs of young Muslim men.
Whereas, I'm "shocked, shocked I tell you". As in: not at all shocked.  It was all so drearily predictable and was predicted by many in the bloggosphere.
Politicians in Germany, and most of its press, have been supine and silent on the possibility that open doors to millions of young Muslim men could be anything other than an unalloyed plus for the republic.
Of course it's not, and there will be more and greater problems to come.
It's not just the German body politic and its mainstream press that are in denial.  The global sisterhood is silent too.  Lara Prendergast wonders Why are feminists refusing to discuss the Cologne sex attacks?
Ezra Levant tears it apart:

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