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Loran Salzman is a Green Party leader, that is to say, of leftish persuasion.
There is plenty of evidence that Muslims in the west, even the second generation, self-segregate.
On the issue of advancement, UK government statistics show the Muslim deficit very clearly: of immigrants from India, same background and ethnicity, but different religions, Muslims with university degrees are 20%, Hindus 35% and Sikhs 45%.
Had the present Muslim population of Europe proven its assimilation by education, self-monitoring and religious sermons (not to mention self-advancement), you would not have post-Charlie Hebdo graffiti declaring "We are not Charlie." You would have no longer seen veiled women on the streets of Paris. You would no longer have young children harassing women teachers and refusing to obey them. You would no longer have Muslim nurses refusing to abide by sanitary medical procedures. You would no longer see schools knuckling under to demands for halal food. You would no longer see health clubs segregating men and women or providing foot baths. The list goes on and on.,_Not_Altruism/

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