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The left is always right. Until it's wrong. And then its new right (that is to say, correct) views sound just like those of the right always did. At least in questions of Islam and migration. (And the "Arab Spring", now a sad joke of a name given to the disastrous movements since '11, by the left).
The things that socialist French Prime Minister Valls is saying these last few days sound a lot like we've been saying all along [1].
But which, until now, had been slated as being "racist" and "xenophobic".
I guess better late than never.
Sylvia Kauffman, writing in the left-of-centre Le Monde, covers some of the same ground as Valls, in her "Europe's new normal" (INYT today) [2]Questions are now being asked, she says. About time me says. These are questions that have been asked in the conservative blogosphere for ages. Again, I guess, better late than never.
Although it may be too late.
It was all so obvious. That's what I thought and that's what Taki says in the latest Speccie. "It was so clear to me; why wasn't it clear to others", he says. [3]
Especially, why wasn't it clear to mad mummie Merkel?
Her responsibility for making the tide of migration much worse will go down in infamy.

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[3]  http://www.spectator.co.uk/2016/01/a-tale-of-two-families/

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