Friday, 12 August 2016

My Islam is not terrorists’ Islam |

This is classic Islamic apologia, from a female Muslim doctor somewhere or other.
It's rubbish.
My comment I posted is below (because she rhetorically asked the terrorists, in her final para, "which Koran are you reading?" Well, there's only one and its message is crystal clear: kill infidels. Especially those horrid Jews).
I'm inclined to ask "how *dare* she?? How dare she try such duplicity? How can she live with herself? Or does she really believe what she says? In which case never take her as your doctor, cause she's stupid.

"Which Koran are YOU reading?? My copy I have read several times and keep by my coffee table for regular reference.
It's FULL of sectarian, violent verses and especially hates Jews. Your article is apologia squared. Don't try to fool those of us who have read the horrid Koran and the equally horrid Hadiths.",82523

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