Friday, 26 August 2016

What Do Jihadists Really Want?: Sam Harris

This is the podcast I referred to in the post immediately below this one.
It's 48 minutes well spent.
The great Sam Harris reads aloud, and comments on, the lead article in this month's glossy online magazine, "Dabiq", one of the main recruiting tools of Islamic State (aka ISIS). The article is called "Why We Hate You"-- the "you" here being "we", you infidel!
It's pretty clear why they hate us and it's pretty clear that the main reason is theological: we are unbelievers, the dirty kuffar, ignominious infidels.
The article demolishes the nonsense leftish meme that "ISIS has nothing to do with Islam". (But only for those who can open their ears and air out their minds, a near impossibility it seems for most on the hard left).