Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Trumpian Wall

Trump has been on Fox this morning, with Sean Hannity, walking back his policy on illegal immigrants. He doesn't want to kick them all out anymore it seems. To the clear buttock-tightening discomfort of the likes of Hannity and co.
In the process, Trump talked about his Wall, which he's "really, really going to build", between Mexico and the US.
He mentioned how quickly the Chinese had built the Great Wall. So, building his Wall would be much quicker.
What he doesn't know, or doesn't say, is that the Chinese Great Wall was a signal failure. It didn't stop one Mongol from invading and conquering Ming China.
Trump stunned Hannity, by the way, in his immigration policy reversal (he's now not going to kick them all out). He stunned all observers by taking a poll of the audience. Which was mostly in favour of kicking them all out with a "Deportation task force". Trump played this as if the crowd had been in favour of his latest flip flop.
Trump is equally ignorant on the issue of drugs, which is one of the reasons for his Wall. I'm a libertarian on that. Decriminalize and provide medical support for those that have problems, like we do with alcohol.