Thursday, 15 September 2016

How Bolivia Fights the Drug Scourge

Surely in 1,000 years we won't still be pursuing a "War on Drugs"?  It's a clearly failed policy, yet pursued with vigour, yet, by the United States, at least.
But between now and a thousand years from now we're going to change. Why not sooner rather than later?
Countries that try new methods to deal with drugs -- decriminalising, medical treatment of addicts, and so on -- are routinely demonised by the US.  I know this is the case for Portugal, that has forsaken the failed WOD. And also in Bolivia, which I did not know, until reading this article in the New York Times.
Bolivia's policies have led to less cocaine being produced.
Columbia's policies (slash, burn and war on coke) have led to more cocaine being produced.
Yet, it's Bolivia that's criticised by the US, and Columbia that's praised.