Friday, 2 September 2016

Pariahs for Donald Trump -

This from Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times is kind of funny, but also kind of scary. Barbaric Islamists and dodgy dictator states want Trump to win. With friends like these 'n all...
Just one more reason that, much as I hate Hillary, I'd hold my nose and vote for her. (If I were American and had the vote, that is). 
/Snip summary:
That's quite a list of influential backers — ISIS supporters, North Korea, Russia and China. And it's matched at home by an array of strong endorsements that also, perhaps, don't receive adequate attention.
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LATER (12/9/16): Yesterday Clinton said that ISIS types were rooting for Trump. Fox hopped on that statement  and said it was nonsense. But it's not. ISIS and fellow travellers are openly hoping for a Trump victory because they think his craziness will bring America down. Here's some evidence, in the journal Foreign Affairs: