Wednesday, 23 November 2016

CNN disastrously wrong on "Islamism"

Watching CNN just now here in Hong Kong. The anchor had on two guests only one of whose names I got: Lanhee Chen, ex Romney adviser. The other guest was from the left. 
The anchor played a video of new NSA head Gen Flynn talking about "Islamism". 
Flynn compared the fight against Islamism to the fights against other "isms", like Nazism, fascism, imperialism, communism". It's a cancer in the body of 1.7 billion Muslims and needs to be excised, by muslims with non-Muslims help. 
In this he's surely right. 
Islamism is separated from the practice of Islam by this: that Islamism aims to spread Islam to the rest of the world, to create a global Caliphate; but that aim to do so by peaceful means. ANY peaceful means, including  lawfare. They agree with jihadism's aims; just that they don't go for the violent aspect of jihad. 
From the talk of these three on CNN, none of them knew of the definition and aims of *Islamism*.  
They found Flynn's comments "troubling" and wondered about their effect on those "moderate Muslims" that we needed in the fight against terrorism. 
Not knowing that Islamism is just terrorism lite. But still aiming for the global caliphate. 
And that if these so-called "moderates" are "troubled" by Flynn's comments then they aren't really moderate at all.