Sunday, 6 November 2016

Why I hate Hillary, but...

... why I would still vote for her. (If I were a US citizen, that is).
The reason I've hated her is a time and place: 2012, Benghazi.
That horrid episode revealed a deep character flaw in her. Her primary, no, her *sole* focus during the siege should have been her staff. It wasn't, and four died including the ambassador. That's totally her responsibility. Yet she lied and weaseled out of it. That was a shocking dereliction of duty. She deserves no forgiveness for it.
And the reason I couldn't vote for Trump is an FLA: a five letter acronym.
"T" is for Trade, as in he'd wreck it
"R" is for Russia, as in his love affair with an ex KGB bully, arch kleptocrat and serial murderer
"U" is for Uranium, as in Nuclear, as in let 'em all go nuclear, what do we care. And as in "we've got nukes, why can't we use 'em?"
"M" is for Misogyny, as in feel free to grab pussy if you're a reality star. It's also for Muslims as in I hate 'em.
"P" is for populism as in that's the way to get to the White House: pander to the lowest and most ignorant views.
Not fitting in with the FLA is his denial of climate change. This view, especially in view of the recent agreement reached in Paris, is dramatically bad for the globe.