Thursday, 9 February 2017

Donald Trump is literally shameless. That will make it impossible to hold him to account

I googled "Trump is shameless" and got this link.
Why google that? Because of the breathtaking fact that Donald Trump last night ET, tweeted criticism of Nordstrom for dropping his daughter Ivanka's line of fashion goods. And he did this 21 minutes into a briefing he was taking on national security!
The man is not only shameless. He has simply no knowledge and no care for the dignity of the presidency. Or of the gross lack of propriety in using the Office of the President of the United States to attack a public company.
It's sickening to see his spokespeople and acolytes defending this gross lack of dignity and shameless lack of propriety.
"Shameless" really is the word here.
What a shockingly horrible president he is turning out to be, just three weeks into the job.
Shame on you Donald. (Except shame, as this link shows, is something he just doesn't have. No matter how gross the outrage).
And shame on his continuing supporters that will excuse his any outrage.