Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Steve Bannon in 2010: 'Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of submission' -

Bannon is completely correct. 
I don't have much time for the man, but his *fact* in this case is spot on. 
"Islam" really *does* mean "submission". 
Those who say it means "peace" because the root of the word, "s", "l" and "m" are also the root of "salaam"" which does mean peace, are just blowing smoke in your eyes. 
It makes just about as much sense to say "telegram" means "television" because they both have the root "tele". Or that "awful" means full of awe. 
"Islam" means "submission". Simple as that. 
See detailed etymology of "Islam" here.
So you are criticizing Bannon for having his facts right. 
What of your current mania for "the facts", versus Trump people's alternative facts", also known as "lies". 
By the way, I have been studying Islam for many years and could quote many other sources both Muslim and non-Muslim attesting to the fact that "Islam" means "Submission". 
I suspect that your editors *want* to believe that Islam means "peace". 
Down that path -- of wanting certain things to be true and thereby accepting them as true -- lies the "Post-truth" society. 

Your article with its own "alternative facts".