America needs the WTO | WSJ

According to the Wall Street Journal Trump is indeed considering pulling out of the WTO. 
This would be an even more catastrophic mistake than the clear and egregious error of pulling out of the TPP. Major own goal. Not just shooting oneself in the foot but shooting it right off with an assault weapon. 
James Bacchus' op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal. 
But let's say Mr. Trump managed to get his way and pull the U.S. out of the WTO. The consequences for the world and U.S. economies would be immense. Among them: diminished trade growth, costly market and supply-chain disruptions, and the destruction of jobs and profits, especially in import- and export-dependent U.S. industries. The resulting trade barriers would compel some American companies either to downsize or move offshore. The global economic spiral set in motion by Mr. Trump's reckless trade actions on steel, aluminum, Canada, Mexico, China, and Europe would accelerate.

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