Tuesday, 16 October 2018

“Laugh now at Trump’s follies, but climate change isn’t funny” | SCMP | Robert Delaney

"I love this man!"....
An extraordinary farrago of vitriol and ad hominem. From the Post's US Bureau chief,  no less.
Laugh now at Trump's follies, but climate change isn't funny
Just a selection of where Delaney is wrong:
Trump did not say the neo-nazis at Charlottesville were equivalent to the Antifa people. He said that there were "good people" on both sides of the debate over historical statues. He explicitly denounced neo-nazis the next day. 
He offered to the NFL "kneelers" that if they suggested POCs who were unjustly in prison, he would pardon them. NFL's reaction? It's "too complicated". 
Black employment is going great, but Delaney disses the result because it's due to overall economic performance". So what? How does that negate it?
In the sixties well-meaning social policies by the Democrats led to a huge jump in single motherhood and the decline of the black family fuelling large increases in black incarceration rates. These were made worse by Bill Clinton's "three strikes, you're in for life with no parole" policy. 
I watched Kimmel, SNL, and co, and, I dunno, maybe I've lost my sense of humour, but I didn't find them the lest funny. Crude and obvious, more like. 
Reference to Ye's "insanity" is not called for given his acknowledged problems with bi-polar disorder (which he then put down to lack of sleep...). 
Ye convicted Trump to take prison reform seriously. Trump has since said that he would overrule Jeff Sessions to promote it. What have Delaney and the rest of Ye's critics on the Left done today to improve America? Anything? Nothing?
All in all the Lefts antics its hysteria over the Ye-Trump meeting has been ridiculous verging on the disgusting.