Sunday, 2 June 2019

“Dark age”? What dark age?

Tweed Heads Gallery

Obama at his most sententiously arrogant. He plays to the fan club, bathing in the warm fluid of unquestioning adoration. 
But this was the man who brought us ISIS, by policy failures in the Middle East, the. failed to kill its caliphate by micro-managing his generals, who failed to pass any prison reform. Who made race relations worse.  Who passed just one domestic policy, Obamacare, a policy of manifold flaws.
And this is the man who lectures us about a "dark side"? In a time of record employment, record real wage growth and record economic growth?
The gall. 
 "The Fox News viewer has a completely different reality than the New York Times reader,” [Obama] said.
Oookay.... how about watching the both, as I do. So you get a bit of this reality and a bit of that reality.