Tuesday, 8 December 2009

"Europe's minaret moment"

Ross Douhat's piece in today's International Herald Tribune makes some points that not long ago would not have passed muster in the likes of a liberal paper such as the IHT.  Perhaps they're being mugged by reality and maybe they're reading the blogs....  
The article is here .
My comments to the Trib....

Kudos to Ross Douthat for highlighting the folly of Europe’s leadership in ignoring the will of its people, allowing in uncontrolled Muslim immigration and creating “a clash of civilizations inside their own frontiers” (Europe’s minaret moment, Dec 08).  The small and symbolic push-back by Swiss voters to ban the minaret has found overwhelming support in every poll carried out in Europe [eg, 75% in the UK ]

Will these arrogant European “leaders” learn anything from this clear expression of popular concern about the Islamification of Europe?  If they do, they should join the dots, to ensure there is no entry into Europe of Turkey, without first seeking voters’ views on what would amount to a further massive increase in Islamification, and and its associated Sharia law in Europe.  It’s clear: the people don’t want it.