Friday, 11 December 2009

Oh dear, it's those Swiss Minarets again...

But they, the MSM, won't let it go, and keep on keeping on, with the International Herald Tribune coming in predictably with a 10 to one ratio of articles critical of the ban, vs those looking at what it means.
So, another one fired off to the editors...

It’s interesting that the editorial you printed from Khaleej Times of Dubai (“The Minaret Ploy”, Dec 10) should quote the Human Rights Council.  Dubai, as a member of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, does not adhere to the International Convention on Human Rights, but the 1990 Islamic Human Rights Declaration (the “Cairo Declaration”), which itself restricts religious freedom. "The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam is clearly an attempt to limit the rights enshrined in the UDHR and the International Covenants. It can in no sense be seen as complementary to the Universal Declaration.”  So say three noted NGOs.
More telling is the editorial’s statement that most Swiss Muslims are from Kosovo and Turkey and “… do not adhere to the codes of dress and conduct associated with traditional Muslim societies”….  They are therefore not the “clear and present danger” that the Swiss have painted them.  With these two contrasting statements, the editorial writers reveal an implicit acknowledgement that the conduct of the traditional societies are indeed a present danger. 
Perhaps it’s time the commentators focused on what the vote really reveals: not ignorant far-right paranoia; but a clear-sighted majority of European’s concern the present danger of Islam is its dogged pursuit of Sharia law for Europe.