Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cameron buys into Kenya Muslim Massacre of non-Muslims...

Dopey Dave, or what?  In the "name of terrorism"?? To what end?
... and Daniel Greenfield does the best takedown:
"Announcing that what happened in Kenya has nothing to do with Islam makes as much sense as saying that the USSR had nothing to do with Communism".
For it's a nonsense to say that the murders were done in the name of terrorism.  Terrorism to what end? There has to be an aim, for all terrorism.
In the case of the Westfield massacres the killers did so on specifically religious grounds. The Guardian claims that it was all part of a power play. No doubt.  But power play to what end.  It turns out that even the Guardian had to admit that it was all around the issue of what form of Islam one followed. For the al-Shabaab killers, the terrorists, it's about following a more fundamental form of Islam. Not one that's more "extreme", or "nothing to do with Islam", but one that hews more closely to the literal tenets of the Trinity of Islam.