Thursday, 19 September 2013

"Muslim Husbands Must Hate Non-Muslim Wives"

The smirking sheikh: Muslims must hate their infidel wives, in obedience to the Koran
Often translated as "Loyalty and Enmity," the little-known Islamic doctrine of wala’ wa bara’commands Muslims never to befriend or be loyal to non-Muslims, while being clean of, disavowing and ultimately hating them.
During a question-and-answer session at an Islamic conference, the full extent of this divisive doctrine was given full expression (see video; also posted below).  Popular preacher Dr. Yassir Burhami, the vice president of the Salafi party in Egypt, explained how Loyalty and Enmity must be upheld at all times—even with a Muslim’s wife, if she happens to be a non-Muslim....
More here, from the ever-reliable Raymond Ibrahim, translating Islam from Arabic for we infidels.  Warning: there's a lot more yuck there from the egregious grinner Burhami.
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