Monday, 16 September 2013

The Religion of Peace trumps all others in terrorism charges and arrests

From the UK Home Office Data, released on 12th September 2013, some selected statistics for the period 2001 -- 2012 in the United Kingdom:
  • More than 57% of arrests for terrorism offences were Muslims. The figure is certainly more than 57% because there is an "unknown religion" category of 36%, which presumably includes some of the Islamic faith. (Table 3.2).
  • More than 73% of those sentenced to prison for terrorism were Muslims. Again, the figure is certainly higher as it includes an "unknown religion" category of 9%. (Table 4.1).
Need I state the obvious?  The figures put the lie to the notion of a "Religion of Peace" and to the claim there is only a "tiny minority of extremists".  Given that Muslims in the UK are 4.6% of the total (Pew Research), they're certainly, as Rod Liddle says, "punching way above their weight"...
[As a by-the-by, it's rather interesting, perhaps surprising even, that the figures should be official UK government ones, not the usual private company poll figures.  This gives them added weight and authority.]
LATER: Liddle's last para, linked above, on the issue of sexual "grooming" of underage white girls in the UK, bears quoting.  Pedophilia is another area -- like the terrorism crimes I quote above -- where Muslims are over-represented ("punching above their weight"...):
.... Self-appointed Muslim community leaders have dutifully condemned the sexual abuse but insisted that it would be wrong to blame an entire community for these horrible crimes. Well, indeed it would. Blame instead something lurking deep within the ideology, the religion, of that community; its implacability, its absolutism, its antipathy to everything which is other than itself. Be ruthless in your introspection, you community leaders, so that we might be a little less so.