Sunday, 15 September 2013

Challenging Extremism -- promoting dialogue

From the Clarion Project:
Dear Friends,
From Syria and Iran, to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey and Gaza, political and religious extremists are gaining the upper hand and suppressing the forces of moderation. In the wake of this mounting intolerance, there is increasingly widespread abuse of women, the slaughter of Christians and other minority groups, abhorrent human right abuses and growing global terrorism.
To raise awareness of the dangers of extremism and to promote tolerance, the Clarion Project produces award-winning documentaries and runs the leading news analysis site addressing the threat of radical Islam.
We are currently producing two feature-length documentaries on mass human rights abuses taking place across Muslim-majority societies.
We have recently upgraded our flagship website, In the last year alone, close to a million visitors have sought out the site which features news analysis, alternative Muslim voices, blogs and videos, and promotes progressive Muslim organizations. The site also streams content, hosts webinars, promotes activist activities and acts as a social networking tool to bring people together around this critical issue.
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