Thursday, 10 December 2015

Fighting Terror by Self-Reproach - WSJ

I've posted Bret Stephens' articles before. He is clear eyed and cogent. Here he savages a presidential address to the nation that deserves to be savaged. (The speech in the wake of the San Bernardino massacre).
"How did America become a country more afraid of causing offense than playing defense".
This refers to the fact that more than half of Obama's speech was about how we mustn't cause offense to Muslims. More than half! After Muslims had killed innocent Americans. Of which Obama was only able to admit, through gritted teeth, that it was a Radical Islamist terrorist attack.
And that attack, said Obama, was based on a "perverted" view of Islam. Quite in what way the killers' understanding of Islam had been perverted Obama did not care to say. Because he could not. And cannot. The California killers were observant, pious, Muslims. That's all it takes really. Just read, and believe in, the Koran and there's your motivation, complete with Allah's justification, for killing infidels "wherever you find them". Basic, doctrinal Islam.
Now, read on, Stephens' excellent article:
But as I showed in recent posts, the facts are that Americans have been remarkably tolerant of Muslims, even post 9/11. Most hate crimes in the US are anti-Jew.

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