They’re ‘so nice,’ until they get religion and want to kill us | New York Post

It's puzzled me that the FBI and others in the Obama administration are puzzled. They're puzzled at how some Muslims become "radicalised". It puzzles them as to what what motivates newly radicalised Muslims to kill their fellow citizens.
The reason I'm puzzled that they are puzzled is that it's simple, really. You just have to read the Koran. And the Hadith too, if you wish. And cap it off with the Sirah, an account of the life of the illiterate merchant warlord, Muhammad. Read these, believe in them, and bang! you're there. Next step, do what these core books of Islam enjoin you to do.  Kill infidels. Be a jihadi. Go to heaven.
This article makes my point at somewhat more length.

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