Sunday, 20 December 2015

Taki's High life, Speccie 19-26 December

Letter to the Editor of The Spectator
The venerable Taki clearly revels in his role as teaser, polemicist and scallywag-in-chief of the Speccie. And for that he earns our warm esteem.

But did he have to round on we atheists, especially at this time of peace and goodwill to all men (and women)? [High Life, 19-26 December]

Taki claims the late Christopher Hitchens "had very little to say against Allah...", and hints that he was a coward. Not true. And a calumny. The very title of Hitch's best book "God is not Great" negates Islam's infamous war cry "Allahu Akbar". In that book Hitchens spends at least as much time criticizing Islam as other religions.

YouTube has countless videos of Hitchens robustly criticising the "Religion of Peace". In "don't waste my time with Islam", for example, he says that Islam is currently the most toxic of the major religions. Hardly the words of a coward.

Atheists are ugly, Taki? Really? Just google "beautiful atheists" and spend a pleasant few minutes perusing famous and truly beautiful non-believers.

"Most intelligent people believe in God", Taki? Not true. Nearly 90% of the members of the Academy of Sciences are non-believers.

And as for needing God to know the difference between good and evil: well we think we're good folk, our family, and know good from evil. We treat our neighbours as well as we do our dogs. That's good. Spreading falsehoods? That's evil.

Just kidding, Taki, but please do lighten up on we non-believers. And accept our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!