Friday, 18 December 2015

Pakistan Military Deals a Blow to Jihadists but Not to Ideology -

We are constantly assured by the western Left and Islam apologists of all stripes that the number of extremists Muslims is a "tiny tiny minority".
Leave aside the fact that a tiny minority of 1.5 billion votaries of Islam is still a number into the millions. Take just two of our so-called allies, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. In Saudi, the mullahs of hard-line Salafist Wahhabism are vocal, untouchable and hard-driving their ideology throughout the world with funding for jihad. In Pakistan, Talibanist ideology is equally widespread and untouchable.
The horror, the poison of Islam.
And let's not ignore all those "moderate muslims" here in the west. Poll after poll shows high and rising support for sharia law, Islamism, jihadism and martyrdom. Support for sharia law to be implemented in western countries is a plurality of western Muslims and in some cases an outright majority (see "Islam in figures", tab above.)
Read the article here, by Rod Norland in the New York Times and weep for a world future ruled by misogynist maniacal mullahs.