How Trump stirred controversy in Nigeria - BBC News

I missed this when it happened last week: The Nigerian president in the U.S. and BBC making light of the massacre of Christians in Nigeria -- mainly because it was Trump! who said it.
And the Beebs taking every opportunity to bag Trump.
Really, the BBC tries hard and often manages a reasonable degree of neutrality.  
But this time, some young thing at the Beebs just couldn't keep their bias from showing….
Note how the BBC report downplays the killings of Christians, and makes an equivalence between the killing of Muslims and the killing of Christians.
According to the BBC, it's all just fracas' over land and goats.
It's no doubt some of that.  How could it not be when your wealth is land and goats. 
But on the Muslim side, it's mainly Boko Haram doing the killing, and they are quite clearly inspired by an ideology, and ideology known as Islam.
As for the equivalence of deaths on both sides?  Of course there have been Muslims killed.  Often minority Shia Muslims killed by majority Sunni Muslims.  And then some horrible cases of the army going on rampage and killing indiscriminately.
But the scorecard is heavily skewed: by far the most killed in Nigeria are Christians.  Just as in north Africa Christians have been literally decimated (and I mean that "literally" literally).
According to a report by the International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law, there have been 16,000 Christians killed in Nigeria since 2015.  
And this is not a "genocide" according to the BBC?!
You don't have to take the word of the International Society.  There's also a Wikipedia entry "list of massacres in Nigeria".  (imagine living in a country where you can have such a Wiki entry!  We're so lucky to live in Hong Kong.  And all other folks in the developed west, ditto. We just have our first world problems...).  
Thanks to Clarion Project

LATER: let it be said re Trump's "shithole" comment -- first that it's not been determined that he did in fact use that word.  Second, an inconsistency on the Left, which says that we must let into our first world countries all who want to come from such countries because of the poor state they're in, i.e. essentially "shitholes", but gets upset when someone else -- especially Trump! -- states the same fact...

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